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Old World Taxidermy provides over 30 years of experience in full-line taxidermy services. We are a USDA licensed dipping station located just 20 miles from Chicago O'Hare airport (a designated port of entry), which allows you to have your overseas trophies to be shipped directly to us. Our reputation has been built on quality and service. We are deeply committed to giving our clients the best in artistic creativity, craftsmanship and materials. The experience, the pride we take in our creations, superior workmanship, and exceptional attention to every detail reflects in each piece. Let us help to capture and preserve the memories of your hunt and enjoy our one-of-a-kind mounts. We will gladly offer pre-hunt assistance and send you free shipping tags as well. Again, welcome to Old World Taxidermy and please enjoy our growing collection of photo albums, which showcase our work and offer gorgeous examples of our many trophy mount capabilities.

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For a one-of-a-kind experience you will never forget, we offer multiple showrooms presenting the best in creativity, artistry and talent
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Old World Taxidermy - The Swiderski Family
Whether you need advice on a trophy mount or would like more information about our African art, we're here to help answer any questions you may have
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OWT Videos
Check out our new video area for some great footage of our African Elephant

OWT Art Gallery
The Art Gallery is expanding, so check back often for many new unique pieces

Autumn 2012
Warm up to an African experience! Contact OWT for additional details



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